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1 Insightful foreign policy review with ex-Secretary of State Stephan Steinlein
2 Google Research Scholar Award for Damian Borth
3 HSG on course with sustainable energy supply
4 Markus Binkert (SWISS) is a guest in our podcast series "Meet the CFO" (in German)
5 Partnership for future technologies between HSG and Vorarlberg
6 Owners as Strategist Conference 2022
7 HSG Student Podcast
8 2022 French legislative election: Closer to the abyss
9 HSG successfully contributes to Federal Council decision for a Swiss innovation fund
10 LaMDA: Can an artificial intelligence develop consciousness?
11 War in Ukraine: Information for refugees, affected persons and HSG members
12 Simple course planning with "Biddit"
13 Aviation on the way to climate neutrality
14 The HSG start-up Manusia
15 UZH and HSG create two joint bridge professorships on digitalization in medicine
16 HSG honoured as a "Healthy Campus"
17 The Elite Quality Index 2022
18 Books, laptops and more for Africa – “BookCycle” gives learning materials a new lease on life
19 Research project CircuBAT improves eco-balance of electric mobility
20 The war in Ukraine and the impact on energy policy
21 Y Combinator x START – Learning from professionals how to make a start-up a success
22 Tracking Inflation in Europe
23 Trade policy & deterring war: The case of Ukraine
24 HSG joins the faculty of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI)
25 Rolf Wüstenhagen on solar and wind energy versus new nuclear power plants
26 US: Biden´s first year in office
27 Female Founder Initiative: From "Dreampreneur" to Entrepreneur
28 Herbal high tech in the Sitter Valley
29 Anna Elsner receives ERC Starting Grant
30 HSG researchers take part in global Fincap project
31 Monetary policy and its impact on social differences
32 The EU's approach to energy issues can be dangerous for Switzerland
33 Beatrix Eugster becomes member of the Marcel Benoist Foundation Council
34 ECOnnect challenge
35 Instant Messages - Digital language footprints
36 Institutional cooperation with the American University of Beirut
37 celebrates its 20th anniversary
38 Poor in old age – new ways to close the pension gap for women
39 HSG Spin-Off Barometer 2021
40 The Geneva Convention has protected refugees for 70 years
41 Art & Science: Paula Bialski
42 SME Day 2021: a majority would like a new era
43 Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2021
44 Art & Science: Elgar Fleisch as a musician
45 Starting signal for the Master’s programme in Computer Science
46 The Assessment Guide: symbol of a campus culture of solidarity
47 Global Family Business Index 2021
48 Leaders for Equality
49 New St.Gallen Health Forum
50 Hybrid Work Compass
51 Renovations give library building a new look
52 How is the pandemic changing our eating behaviour?
53 Art & Science: Andreas Schwendener
54 Nilima Chowdhury: “Science is creative, too”
55 Electrifying the company car
56 Occupational retirement provision: There is much more potential in our savings
57 From the corona crisis into the mafia crisis?
58 Art & Science: The scientist and novelist Markus Will
59 Appointment: Amanda Shantz
60 Hybrid Work Compass for Switzerland
61 President and Vice-Presidents elected for the 2022-24 term of office
62 ECOL: Top business schools launch European network for online learning
63 100 years of profit, risk and uncertainty
64 EcoOst St.Gallen Symposium
65 Five years of the Gotthard base tunnel
66 Special topic 50th St.Gallen Symposium
67 Is the US making climate protection a priority?
68 2020 PRME Report on sustainable management education
69 HSG students achieve top position at Harvard Case Competition
70 Self-reflection from lockdown
71 Special Topic START Summit 2021
72 Dorina Thiess elected Founder of the Year 2021
73 Tourism in times of the pandemic
74 Special Topic SQUARE
75 Un-Dress Fashion Award 2021
76 How gut bacteria influence our decisions
77 Gender & Diversity Monitoring – Report 2020
78 Entrepreneurial success despite and because of ADHD
79 ETH and HSG launch a joint executive education programme "emba X"
80 Student initiative: living sustainably and saving money
81 Critical Gender and Diversity Knowledge
82 HSGswisscovery
83 "HSG Impact Award 2020"
84 Civil aviation in 2040 from the Swiss perspective
85 «HSG Spin-Off Barometer 2020»
86 The impact of the pandemic on the Swiss retail trade
87 HSG Annual Report 2019/2020
88 Elite Quality Index
89 Jam session and university orchestra
90 Swiss Payment Monitor 2020
91 How do Covid-19 lockdown policies affect employment and GDP in different countries?
92 HSG Insights: Successfully shaping the new normality
93 Systemically relevant but still paid less
94 "Culture and Taxes"
95 Care work in Switzerland in times of pandemic
96 Corona crisis from the space perspective
97 HSG and the Corona crisis: an interim report
98 Insights into the EU project "MISTRAL"
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1 While the West is now strongly fixated on the war in Ukraine and the immediate consequences, the question of "prospects for foreign policy after this turning point in history" arises. This was the guiding theme of a discussion with Stephan Steinlein at SQ
2 Prof. Dr. Damian Borth has been awarded with a Research Scholar Program Award for his research in the field of "Machine Learning and Data Mining".
3 The University reduced its energy consumption per student by approx. 25 per cent between 2014 and 2021. The CO2 intensity of energy sources also decreased.
4 Find all our news at a glance.
5 Event on 21-22 June saw lively debate about the contributions of firm owners to firm strategy. Hosted by the University of St.Gallen and Bocconi University, 350 practitioners and academics from around the world participated in the conference online.
6 Listen to episode #20 with Vincet Christoph.
7 By Christoph Frei.
8 By Damian Borth.
9 Find all our events at a glance.
10 To make the allocation of courses at the university easier for students, Marc Gruener and Micha Brugger have developed a tool: "Biddit". By Sven Schumann.
11 On 2 June, the "Aviation and Space Symposium 2022" in St.Gallen shed light on the relaunch of aviation under sustainability criteria and showed the importance of the space industry for our life on earth.
12 By student reporter Anna Kati Schreiter
13 The Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire honoured 43 universities worldwide with the "Healthy Campus" certificate.
14 The Elite Quality Index 2022 scores and ranks 151 countries using 120 component indicators. The data shows where elites deliver or extract value from their individual nations.
15 By student reporter Lara Ziegler.
16 An interview with Rolf Wüstenhagen, Professor of Management of Renewable Energies.
17 The start-up accelerator Y Combinator (YC) was hosted by START Global as part of YC’s virtual Spring Outreach Tour. By student reporter Victoria Lorenzen.
18 After an extended absence from the headlines, inflation is back in the news and in policy debates. Stefan Legge, a lecturer at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), launched a website which tracks and presents the latest data on inflation.
19 University of St.Gallen professor of International Trade and Economic Development Simon Evenett looks at the economic support Ukraine has received since from the invasion of Crimea in 2014 and the potential consequences of those actions.
20 On 20 January 2021, Joseph Biden was sworn in as America’s 46th President. What conclusions can we draw after his first year in office? By James W. Davis.
21 Herbs that grow without pesticides, all the year round: since autumn 2021, Christian Gerig and his team have been running Eastern Switzerland’s first vertical indoor farm in the Sitter Valley.
22 Andrea Barbon and Angelo Ranaldo from the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance were acknowledged for the high quality of their findings.
23 Climate policy is no longer just a matter for big countries. Action by every single individual is required. The sustainability platform ECOnnect connects and promotes sustainability-interested clubs and projects of the HSG. By student reporter Anna Schrei
24 A study from the University of St.Gallen suggests that language use in instant messages allows for the prediction of users’ age and gender.
25 What began as a pilot project by students at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) is now a professional radio station that is unique in Switzerland and trains over 30 radio journalists each year.
26 In the pandemic year, many HSG spin-offs are devoting themselves to social issues. This is revealed by the HSG Spin-Off Barometer 2021.
27 In 1951, the UN adopted a convention concerning the status of border-crossing refugees. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Convention, the University of St.Gallen invited the general public to a critical debate on flight and migration. The ev
28 By Student Reporter Niels Niemann.
29 By student reporter Sven Schumann.
30 Despite the economic difficulty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, family-owned businesses have managed to stay resilient.
31 The OPSY-HSG developed a new toolbox for executives.
32 Speakers from academia, healthcare, business and politics will provide insights into their expert knowledge.
33 Research by the HSG, Novu Office, and HR Campus shows that hybrid work models are here to stay.
34 The renovation of the HSG library building has been completed.
35 This question is addressed in a study by the IRM-HSG.
36 Andreas Schwendener does research at the IMP-HSG and is a drummer with "WE ARE AVA".
37 Nilima Chowdhury is a postdoc researcher and lecturer at the Research Institute for Organizational Psychology. Her research project entitled “Turn the Tide” explores gender inequality and women’s emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Besides her academic
38 To what extent the expansion of e-mobility in company fleets can be accelerated is investigated in a research project of the IWÖ-HSG.
39 That is the conclusion of a recent HSG study.
40 The Covid pandemic enables the Italian mafia organisation ‘Ndrangheta to establish itself elsewhere, for instance in the Swiss economic system. What are the reasons for and mechanisms of this development? An article by Adina Trinca.
41 Interviews with more than 150 CEOs, board members, and HR experts revealed that the future implementation of hybrid work models in Swiss companies is not a question of "if" but "how".
42 The President and Vice-Presidents werde elected for the 2022-24 term of office. Prof. Dr. Martin Eppler was elected as the new Vice-President; he will take over Studies & Academic Affairs from Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried.
43 Patrik Aspers on Frank Knight (1885-1972).
44 In a way, the EcoOst St.Gallen Symposium of 17 May is the sequel to the St.Gallen Symposium. Accordingly, it also focused on the motto “Trust Matters”.
45 A look back by Wolfgang Stoelzle.
46 The 50th St.Gallen Symposium took place from 5-7 May 2021. Our special topic.
47 An opinion piece by Dr. Manali Kumar.
48 A lockdown also offers the opportunity to reflect on yourself and on life. After the first wave of coronavirus, the MCM-HSG studied what emerged for many people in these parts.
49 The prize of the Werner Jackstädt Foundation is worth CHF 10,000.
50 The Research Centre for Tourism and Transport at the HSG has assessed the situation for the third time.
51 By student reporter Anna Kati Schreiter.
52 By student reporter Anna Schreiter.
53 This year, the University of St.Gallen is conferring the "HSG Impact Awards" for the third time. HSG researchers are receiving awards for the valuable contribution they have made to society through their work.
54 The Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen and the Aviation Research Center Switzerland (ARCS) have been investigating what the Swiss expect from civil aviation up to the year 2040.
55 A topical study conducted by the IRM-HSG reveals that a majority of the interviewed retail companies can discern an opportunity in the crisis.
56 The current edition of the annual report marks a transition: With a revised content concept and a new appearance, readers will be informed about HSG even more vividly and in more detail.
57 The way in which elites create or extract value can help determine the business opportunity, growth and development of a nation.
58 The music scene at HSG. By student reporter Anna Kati Schreiter.
59 Neobanks are on the rise in Switzerland. This is shown by the current Swiss Payment Monitor of the University of St.Gallen and the ZHAW.
60 An article by Noah Bürgin, a student in the course Certificate in Business Journalism.
61 Beatrix Eugster examines tax competition in Switzerland.
62 By Christa Binswanger.
63 The GCEI-HSG has evaluated publicly available data from the European Space Agency ESA on air pollution in China. This enabled them to monitor the economic impact of the pandemic in real time.
No Text
1 The rhetorical battle for Ukraine
2 HSG Impact Award 2022: Life Design
3 HSG Impact Award 2022: Ethics of the Covid-19 pandemic
4 HSG Impact Award 2022: The Future of Work
5 51st St.Gallen Symposium: Collaborative Advantage
6 How German Ministers favor their hometowns
7 CircuBAT Subproject 7: Sustainable Business Models
8 Academic GIFts: Fighting economic crises
9 Ukraine-Russia crisis: "Putin has not forgotten Obama's insult"
10 SQUARE opening: Video message from architect Sou Fujimoto
11 Knowledge Bank: Ulrike Landfester on "Critical Literacy"
12 Artificial Intelligence in Swiss Law
13 Academic GIFts: How do political decisions affect house prices?
14 11th Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy
15 Identifying tax avoidance blind spots
16 Academic GIFts: How the IoT can improve daily processes
17 Corona and Business Model Innovation – Oliver Gassmann interviews Sportradar founder Carsten Koerl
18 The Open Science Initiative "Next Generation"
19 HSG Impact Award 2021: Staying on Top of the Crisis
20 HSG Impact Award 2021: Portfolio model for sustainable investments
21 HSG Impact Award 2021: Monitoring Consumption Switzerland
22 The School of Medicine's "Skills Training"
23 Academic GIFts: How We Die
24 COVID-19 and hospital management
25 Truly Sustainable Strategies
26 Academic GIFts: Academia and Populism
27 In the Lab: Transformatics
28 The manipulation of the chatbots
29 If the boss is an algorithm
30 Gudrun Sander on diversity as a management task
31 Prof. Fabrizio Zilibotti on the economic side of the COVID 19 pandemic
32 Quality versus efficiency in healthcare?
33 Retirement provision 4.0
34 More transparency in supply chains thanks to Blockchain
35 Miriam Meckel and Damian Borth on "Vocally Yours"
36 Why is climate change relevant for business?
37 Wilhelm Mundt on "Trashstones"
38 Emanuel de Bellis on personalizing the customization experience
39 Patrick Emmenegger on the Federal Council elections in 2019
40 #2minutes: Martin Eling on cyber risks
41 Academic GIFts: Mondays For Meaning
42 Global Competitiveness Report 2019
43 Academic GIFts: What is crowdsourcing?
44 Which leaders make companies more sustainable? An interview with Judith Walls.
45 Academic GIFts: Globalisation and the Concentration of Talent
46 Martin Kolmar: "The comfortable life is not the good life"
47 #2minutes: Maël Schnegg on the "Landscape Monitor"
48 Zilla Leutenegger on "Staircase: Lonely at the top"
49 Tony Cragg on art and sculpture
50 #2minutes: Josh Hsueh on the effects of family business on entrepreneurs
51 Academic GIFts: Who is liable for self-driving cars?
52 Felix Lehner on the artist Hans Josephsohn
53 #2minutes: Damian Borth on the new AI research at the HSG
54 Wolfgang Jenewein on "positive leadership"
55 Learning Center: Sou Fujimoto on «Open Grid – Choices of Tomorrow»
56 Knowledge Bank: Christoph Aymanns on Bitcoin
57 Tony Schwartz on Donald Trump
58 Marcus Schögel on "Sharing Economy"
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